Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Literary Response and Criticism

I found this week’s assignment to be technically easy but the content was much harder than I thought. My assignment was to have students middle school or older to read a piece of literature and react or respond to it. I selected the book East of Eden for my project. (Students will be able to choose what ever piece of literature they want. A news piece, a book, magazine article, etc...)I found it difficult to meet my expectations without giving away the story. Perhaps this is something that I will have to be ok with in this assignment because I need to students to show me that they understood the story and were same way able to identify with, internalize, sympathize with, etc something in the story.

I included some pictures that I found to support the main idea of my Power Point slides. I uploaded the slide show to slide share and am going to embed it below. I purposely kept the slide show short because students will need more time to be invested in the literature than spent on the final project surrounding the literature. I believe a short slide show can demonstrate all of the learning that they need to demonstrate. I also think students will be more apt to pay attention to more concise shows. I also will get the grading done much more timely.


  1. I also felt the technology we used for this week’s assignment was pretty straight forward. I guess that I’m getting the hang of how everything works together.

    I agree with you. I also felt that the content was the harder part of the project. I envisioned this wonderful project for my 7th grade geography class, but as I started to compile all the data I realized what a huge project I was asking them to complete. I scaled it down a little bit to make it more of a realistic project for a 7th grader to complete in 1 week.

    Just like you, I made my sample project shorter than my required project for my students. Even though I shortened the sample project, I made sure to let my students know on my wiki about what was required of them for their final project.

    Overall, your sample project was straightforward and easy to understand. The only problem I had was on some of the slides there was too much information which made it hard to read.

  2. I like your idea of making a book talk for a piece of their choosing. In Kindergarten, we call this "literary Response" a "Book Talk". Once I looked at your sample project, I realized what it was you you were looking for from your students. You were looking for comprehension and a little teaser type presentation to create buzz and interest in their choice.
    I think that even though you work with teachers and not students, you must have a knack for teaching because your project feels very complete and challenging enough to keep the students interested. Good Job!