Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Look Mom! I made a rubric!

I found the rubric to be a difficult assessment piece to write. Over the summer I had the pleasure of taking an assessments class and now I have been trained to think of only assessing what is measurable. Because of this, it is very difficult for me to come up with the right verbs to express what I want to measure. What made it even more difficult was the fact that for some of these digital stories I am going to be measuring their emotional reaction or critical thought. Those two items are very difficult to assess with any type of instrument. I found it necessary because of what I was measuring to provide space for individual feedback, not just the numerical score on the rubric.
Something else that I wanted to include was a reward for what I would consider extra-ordinary projects. I wanted this score set apart even further from the perfect score because I don’t believe that you have to go to those lengths to get the ‘A’. I believe that if you have satisfactorily met all the requirements you have made the ‘A’ and anything above that should just be counted as extra.
I think we get trained to think with rubrics that every category has to have the same number of cells and I wonder if that has more to do with a need for having an option at that level of performance or we just want the chart to look neat? I broke that with my rubric, some grading criteria did not have the same number of options as other criteria but I can justify the purpose for each level for each criteria.


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  1. I also found that a rubric can't quite score everything I want to grade. This project was a little harder than I thought as well.

    And while I don't think there is anything wrong with adding an extra column for your one criteria... could you give them a different percentage to show that students need to focus on one area instead of another? I guess I don't know exactly what you are looking for, but at least if you made one criteria worth more, the students would know that criteria is something they really want to excel in, and maybe you wouldn't need the extra box. That is just a thought. Otherwise I thought your rubric had a great start.